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ASIA 225 – Istanbul: Crossroads of Asia and Europe – Fall 2011

Posted by F. Canguzel Zulfikar on 19th August 2011

TTh 3:30-4:45pm Smith Hall, 107 For many centuries Istanbul had been a capital city for different imperial powers such as the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and it retains traces of those past civilizations. This historically and culturally rich city was built in a most beautiful and enchanting landscape. Istanbul is the only city that […]

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Turkish 203 – Intermediate Turkish – Fall 2011

Posted by F. Canguzel Zulfikar on 19th August 2011

MTWTh 1:00-1:50pm Cobb Hall, 021 Turkish 203 is the third in a series of Turkish language courses offered at UNC. Turkish 102 or its equivalent is a prerequisite for this course. Any student who has not completed Turkish 102 at UNC should contact the instructor for a placement exam. The course will be proficiency based, […]

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Turkish 101 – Beginners Turkish – Fall 2011

Posted by F. Canguzel Zulfikar on 19th August 2011

MTWR 2:00-2:50 PM Cobb Hall Rm 0021 This Introduction to Turkish (Türkçe) is designed for students who have no or very little prior experience in the language. In this course, Turkish is taught with an emphasis on the four important aspects of language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. A multi-skill approach will be adopted in […]

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Why Study Turkish?

Posted by F. Canguzel Zulfikar on 18th August 2011

Many people speak Turkish–nearly 200 million in the world!!! Turkish is a significant language growing in importance. Geographically and culturally located in a very strategic area: connecting Europe, Asia, and Africa. Cultural ties to Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Middle East mean many travel opportunities, scholarship funds, and if you know Turkish, you would be […]

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